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Quotations and Estimates are free of charge

G.F. Construction take requests seriously and the pricing process can take up to 2 weeks to complete.

Proprietor Gavin Forehead will give you a quotation on the understanding that it is based only on experience and knowledge. A quotation however should be 'almost exact' and any variation based essentially on extras requested and changes made during the build. Gavin prides himself on having been almost 100% accurate in his quotations.

Indeed he has lost many commissions based on his accuracy and time spent on quoting and warns all prospective clients to treat exceptionally low quotations as a tool to secure the commission.

G.F. Construction will not always be the cheapest quote on paper, but are accurate in the true cost of work and material and PROMISE to deliver and EXCEPTIONAL job giving good VALUE FOR MONEY.

To contact Gavin:

Mobile:  07870 779483

Home:   01872 552087

Email:    gavinforehead@hotmail.com