Code of Practice and Safety Adopted


We aim our work to be of the highest standards and always keep our eye on the market for new and innovative products to use in our work. The company is insured to the total of two million and we work to the best heath and safety requirements. We always welcome the oppotunity for work experience placements. We work in Industrial and in Health care work environments with their staff regulary.

Our Standards can be supported by as many references as you wish: talk to past clients and ask them:


  • Do we start at 8am promptly and leave at 4.30pm?
  • Do we leave the site clean, tidy and safe?
  • Do we have the specialist tools required?
  • Do we wear safety equipment?
  • Do we take charge of all Building Inspection visits?
  • Do we work safely, hygeinically and courteously?
  • Do we make ourselves available at all times for consultation?
  • Do we work to the project cost as directed?
  • Is our work of high quality? 

If the answer to any of these questions in NO then you will have cause to select an alternative builder and we will have cause for concern.